If life deceives you, don't be sad - the movie "Marathon"

If life deceives you, don't be sad - the movie "Marathon"

Even if God closes all the doors for you, it will open a window for you. And that window is the meaning of your life, the courage of life.

I watched the movie "Marathon" two days ago. In fact, I was mistakenly hitting this movie. Later I learned that the movie I was looking for seemed to be "The Runner." After looking at it for a while, I felt very attractive and decided to continue watching.

The actor is actually the uncle (Cao Chengyou) in the movie "The Gift of God 14 Days"... When he was young. Strictly speaking, this is not a movie to write a run. This is a movie based on autism patients. It is not too inspirational, a little tearful, and a little warm.

The film is based on the true story of Korean people with disabilities. He participated in the marathon at the age of 19 and participated in the triathlon competition in 2000. He is also the youngest national record holder of the Korean triathletes.

The protagonist is an autistic patient named Chu Yuan, a family. Because of the special nature of the child, it always makes people feel unfortunate. The beginning of the film begins with the constant torture of the mother and the child. Once, the mother almost gave up. Released his hand, the child was alone in the corner, but he did not have an expression and could not feel it.

The mother spent too much effort on this son. My mother didn't spend a lot of time. The child was sensible, imitated, and loved to watch the animal world. He also seemed to like running, and he was not slow.

The mother also discovered this talent, took her son to participate in the competition, and the son took the third place of 10 kilometers. Every time before the start, my mother would ask Chu Yuan: "How about Chu’s legs?" Chu Yuan replied: "Value is even city"

The school's teacher said that the reason for Chu is running, which has changed a lot. The mother heard that the amateur was running at the top level within 3 hours, and she set a goal for her son.

She is looking for a coach for her son, but this coach has no hope for life, and life is very decadent. In a conflict with the coach, the coach asked her mother: Is it a dream for Chu Yuan to run a marathon, or is it your dream? Mom was shocked, a lot of things, she did not want to admit.

 Chu Yuan participated in the marathon for the first time. He fainted on the road because he didn't know what was tired, his physical exhaustion, and he quit the game. The mother actually hid the medal.

 Later, The mother worried that she was sick. He no longer asked Chu Yuan to run, and sent Chu Yuan to the factory to let him live a normal life.

The mother realized that my understanding was wrong. It was not Chu Yuan who loves running. I want him to run. Not that he wants to run a marathon, I want her to run. The mother feels sad and desperate and feels so worried.

 On the other hand, Chu Yuan was alone, in the factory workshop, facing the fan, imagining the way he was running, imagining how the wind floated from his cheeks.

This is a story of a mother and a son. Mom thinks that her son needs her protection. She arranges everything for her son and does things according to her wishes. She thinks that it is good for her, and that is the life of Chuyuan. But then I found that what I did was meaningless. What I want, imposed on my son, in the name of love. Have you done these things in the name of love?

This is also a story of autistic patients, an autistic runner. Although he can't feel it, he loves running. He doesn't even know he loves running. He just seems to have the world when he runs. He wrote the marathon time on the calendar, and he sneaked into the bus to the venue and wrote a number 42.195 on his arm.

Although he can't live like a normal person, but because he loves to run, his life has become fun and has goals, but he can't feel it. But he ran so persistently. At that moment, he seemed to be happy with the coach who couldn’t afford the spirit of life, and felt the meaning of life. Chu Yuan is unfortunate, his world has no emotions, no feelings! But fortunately, lucky Chuyuan, you can still run, in running, that is the meaning of your life.

At the end of the film,mother found Chu Yuan, who was slipping away on the starting line of the marathon, and forced to take him away: Chu Yuan, you can't run, you don't feel tired, you will faint.

 Chu Yuan’s lonely eyes forgot to start, he asked his mother to ask him frequently: “How about Chu’s legs?” Mom stunned and replied: “The value is continuous.”

The younger brother advised her mother: Mom, let my brother go running.

When the gun was fired, Chu Yuan released his mother’s hand and rushed to the starting line.

The coach caught up with him and asked Chu Yuan: "How should I get to the end?" Chu Yuan answered: "Run slowly!" The coach was satisfied to leave, he believed that Chu Yuan could do it.

Chu Yuan finished the game in 2 hours and 57 minutes. He is still a disabled person.

This is actually a true story.

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