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Tournament report

Ao Ni Jie help 2017 Wuhu half marathon

April 16 at 8 am, 2017 Wuhu County half marathon racing shot to run. The event is organized by Anhui Province Athletics Swimming Management Center, Wuhu City Sports Bureau, Wuhu County People's Government, Anhui Athletics Association, the CPC Wuhu County Party Committee Propaganda Department, Wuhu County Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau Youth League Wuhu County Committee, Anhui New (Shanghai) Sports Management Co., Ltd. ( run it ) to promote Operation.

Wuhu County, the heritage of two thousand years of the ancient town of Wanjiang, the water for the pulse to the green for the color, ink to draw a green landscape pictures, everywhere filled with Jiangnan Water and the charm and charm. Southeast of the hillock ups and downs, dense forests, dense waterways in the northwest, polder flat. Green Yijiang, water Yangjiang, Zhaoyi River ho ho soup, water rhyme long. Wuhu one of the ten "Tao Xin water rhyme", gossip water system, like a maze, hundreds of lotus, fragrance intoxicated. Lush trees, landscapes Yiyang ecological park, every spring, there are thousands of herons flying together. Sandwiches willow, water and sky color of the East Lake Park and Beaulieu Temple shine, showing a "sunshine picturesque, cloudy smoke like smoke," Jiangnan beauty. Liro Town, Taoxin town was named "excellent tourism town in Anhui Province", six Lang Town Beitao village was named "China's first rural tourism model village". The county has a national 4A level scenic area 1, 3A level scenic spots 3, the national agricultural tourism demonstration site 2, seclusion official lane, Jiang Feng and other star farmhouse 52, county construction "spring outing, summer view Dutch, autumn picking, Winter health "for the characteristics of the four seasons rural tourist routes.

This competition has more than 3,000 athletes from all over the country. Eventually, the men's team leader, SisayFekaduBERHANU, won the 20-kilometer men's group at 1 hour, 5 minutes and 53 seconds, while Absene Daba CHEMEDA won the women's group with a net result of 1 hour 20 minutes and 06 seconds 20 km first place.

Domestic well-known outdoor brand Orion in recent years have developed a series of running products, and actively seeking and the major off-road, road race events, in the majority of running friends made a certain degree of visibility. As the sponsor of this event, Oni Jie products in this event has been all the athletes praise.


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