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2017 Aonijie Spring Games

作者:奥尼捷Aonijie 时间:2017-04-29

April 29 Aonijie successfully held the 2017 Aonijie Spring Games, the game content of seven, namely, football, ice hockey, tug of war, rope skipping, 400 meters sprint, team 400 meters relay, two three feet.

2017 奥尼捷春季运动会 2017 Aonijie Spring Games photo

2017 奥尼捷春季运动会 2017 Aonijie Spring Games officially began

2017 奥尼捷春季运动会 Women group 400m two girls almost tied for first

2017 奥尼捷春季运动会 400m man group of men flirting a big cut

2017 奥尼捷春季运动会 Fierce men jump rope stunning audience

2017 奥尼捷春季运动会
2017 奥尼捷春季运动会
Indoor Project - Desktop Soccer

2017 奥尼捷春季运动会
2017 奥尼捷春季运动会
Indoor items - ice hockey

2017 奥尼捷春季运动会
Executive group photo

2017 奥尼捷春季运动会
Retail group photo

2017 奥尼捷春季运动会
Wholesale group photo

2017 奥尼捷春季运动会
Warehouse Group - Photo

2017 奥尼捷春季运动会
Design group - photo

2017 奥尼捷春季运动会
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