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company culture

Corporate culture:

pragmatic, innovative, focused, perfect

Business philosophy:

to provide customers with the needs of the customer needs of goods, reasonable and credible price

Enterprise vision:

to become the first brand of outdoor sports equipment

Enterprise mission:

to sell high quality outdoor products, encourage and help people to healthy movement, advocate the harmony between man and nature


integrity, pragmatic play, resolutely do everything, respect for the individual, greater achievements through teamwork

Brand positioning:

high quality and low price, personalized, one-stop, mass consumption

Brand slogan:

enjoy sports, fun off-road


Contact: Rose Yang

Phone: 18967004193

Tel: 0570-3080256

Email: huda@aonijie.com

Add: Zhejiang Province, Quzhou City Kecheng District Baisha Road 33, 3, 3rd Floor

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